Lime Crime Alchemy Palette – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

Lime Crime Alchemy Palette 1

The Lime Crime Alchemy Palette is the fourth release in the Lime Crime Fantasy Palette series. It contains a collection of 5 shadows, all described by Lime Crime as having a shimmer finish, inspired by the swirling transmutation of an alchemist’s potion.



Lime Crime Incantation Eyeshadow

Incantation is described by Lime Crime as a “metallic copper with fiery sparks”. I would describe it as a vibrant rust colour with intense pigmentation and a strong metallic shine. I did not notice a huge difference in pigmentation when swatching this wet or dry – it was incredibly intense either way.

Lime Crime Incantation Swatch

Lucky Charm

Lime Crime Lucky Charm Eyeshadow

Lucky Charm is descibed by Lime Crime as a “forest green/firefly green shift”. When swatched dry, this appears as a matte forest green, however the more vibrant “firefly green” becomes apparent when swatched wet.

Lime Crime Lucky Charm Swatch

Love Potion No.9

Lime Crime Love Potion No9 Eyeshadow

Love Potion No.9 is described by Lime Crime as a “purple/mint shift”, and is the only shadow from this palette that I would truly describe as duochrome. It starts as a soft violet purple, and does have quite a strong mint-green colour shift to it. It is quite sheer, and doesn’t become much more intense when swatched wet. It does, however, benefit greatly from being applied over Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.

Lime Crime Love Potion No9 Swatch


Lime Crime Spellbound Eyeshadow

Spellbound is described by Lime Crime as a “white/gold shift”, however from my perspective, it’s a straight-up white gold. It’s a lttle chalky and sheer when applied dry onto bare skin, however it comes into it’s own when applied wet.

Lime Crime Spellbound Swatch


Lime Crime Divination Eyeshadow

Divination is described by Lime Crime as a “slate blue/peacock shift”. When swatched dry, it is a dirty teal matte shadow, but by applying it wet, the brighter peacock blue micro-glitter becomes more apparent.

Lime Crime Divination Swatch

Ease of Application:

The shadows in the Lime Crime Alchemy Palette are a bit of a mixed bag to work with. Incantation and Love Potion No.9 are beautifully pigmented and easy to play with. Lucky Charm and Divination are middle of the road – not bad, but not mind-blowingly amazing, and Spellbound really does need to be coddled to show how pretty it can be.


When paired with a good quality primer (like Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper), I find these shadows last extremely well on my eyelids, staying put without fading for at least 8 hours.


One of the things Lime Crime is most well known for is their distinctive packaging. It tends to be very polarising and people either love it or hate it. Personally a love a good bit of kitsch in my life, so the pretty purple tin with the unicorn logo totally plays into my aesthetics.

Palette D'Antoinette 2

Functionally this feels like a nice sturdy palette that could withstand a bit of battering while still protecting the shadows inside.

Lime Crime Alchemy Palette 2

Available from:

MakeupNet (Australian Supplier)

Lime Crime (US)


$42.00AUD; $35.00USD
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