Laura Mercier Oil-Free Supreme Foundation – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

This is designed as a foundation for the slicker-skinned among us who need coverage that won’t cause breakouts.


This provides light-to-medium coverage and has decent pigmentation.

It’s hard for me to judge fully, though, because this is the Porcelain Ivory shade; the lightest shade in the range, and while I do have a generally fair complexion, this is just too pale to match me.

What I can say is that it evens out my skin tone and balances out redness and shine, while still allowing the natural imperfections of my skin (blue veins, skin blemishes – things coverable with concealer) to peek through.


In shade, natural light.


In direct sunlight. Foundation worn over primer with blush and finished with face powder.

Ease of application:

Applying this is easy peasy: just pump a little out of the bottle and smooth onto the face/neck/decolletage with hands.You might need about 3-4 pumps from the bottle to cover this much area.

Take note: there is a lot of blending required to get this to settle into the skin properly.


When I was taking the photographs posted above, I was shooting for maybe half an hour and had only just applied the makeup. By the time I had gone back inside, there was already makeup settled into expression lines in my face.

It never felt heavy on my face or uncomfortable in any way through the day when testing over long periods, though.


The packaging is lovely – it is in a strong, thick and weighty glass bottle that has the added benefit of being lightly frosted, so that it doesn’t get spoiled by ugly fingerprints.


It dispenses product with a pump, so it’s hygienic, too. I’ve found this to be highly handbag-safe.


Anything else worth mentioning?:

When it comes to covering of the texture of the skin to provide a finish that makes pores appear smooth and not settling into fine lines… it does neither of them effectively. This can be a plus if you want a natural, skin-textured finish (for the no-makeup makeup look) or a minus if you’re like me and really expressive with your face (this can cause the cracking in the laugh lines).

What they say:

An innovative oil-free foundation that gives skin the ultimate coverage, comfort and wear for a flawless complexion. The oil-free, non-drying, lightweight formula glides on evenly and does not settle into fine lines and visibly minimizes the appearance of pores for smoother skin.

My verdict:

On my combination skin that doesn’t blend with this shade, this just wasn’t going to work out. And at $43 AUD recommended retail price, it’s definitely not friends with my budget, either.

However, this foundation may be the one you’ve been looking for if you’re purely porcelain and struggle to find a foundation that won’t clog you up. Or just great if you’re looking for the latter (there are 11 other darker shades to choose from). If you only wear makeup for short periods and don’t need it to last the whole day, this may be perfect for you.

Available from:

Any Laura Mercier products can be purchased from the Laura Mercier website.


$43 AUD
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