Karen Murrell Lipsticks: Summer Bouquet Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches

Karen Murrell Summer Bouquet 2

Karen Murrell is a New Zealand based independent lipstick brand that focuses on “natural lipstick that is environmentally friendly and functionally as good as any top international brand.” I was recently sent their Summer Bouquet range – a collection of 5 lipsticks inspired by vividly coloured flowers peeking out of the gloomiest day of the year.

Karen Murrell Summer Bouquet 3

All of these lipsticks are naturally scented with cinnamon oil, and offer a very gentle tingling sensation on application. They are not marketed as plumping lipsticks, however the cinnamon could offer a plumping effect to sensitive lips. Kearen Murrell lipsticks feel quite waxy and firm when applying them, but they do not feel at all heavy on my lips. They are quite comfortable to wear, and not at all drying.

#13 Camellia Morning

Camellia Morning Packaging

Camellia Morning is a clean yellow based pink.

Camellia Morning Bullet

On first swipe it is quite sheer, but a second layer builds it up to a medium opacity that allows my natural lip colour and lip freckles to peek through. It does have a tendency to settle into lip lines, and emphasise any dryness, so I would recommend thoroughly prepping your lips with a lip scrub and hydrating treatment before wearing this shade.

Camellia Morning Lip Swatch

#14 Orchid Bloom

Orchid Bloom Packaging

Orchid Bloom is a peachy-brown nude, that happens to be a virtually exact match for my natural lip colour.

Orchid Bloom Bullet

On first swipe it is extremely sheer, comparable to a tinted lip balm, however can be built up to more of a semi-sheer finish. Although it is not particularly forgiving of dry lips, it is such a perfect “MLBB” shade for me, that I can see this becoming a staple in my handbag.

Orchid Bloom Lip Swatch

#15 Peony Petal

Peony Petal Packaging

Peony Petal is a bright pinky peach.

Peony Petal Bullet

It is semi-sheer on first application, but is easily built up to medium opacity. It did cling to my dry patches, but did not seem to settle in my lip lines.

Peony Petal Lip Swatch

#16 Lavender Laughter

Lavender Laughter Packaging

Lavender Laughter is a pale pinky purple that swatches as more of a blue-based bubblegum pink.

Lavender Laughter Bullet

It applied with a semi-sheer opacity, but was easily built up to medium coverage. Although this colour can be a bit hard to wear (I sometimes feel a little bit Nicky Minaj in this shade), the formula was lovely, gliding over the dryer parts of my ips and not settling into lip lines – not an easy feat for a pastel lipstick!

Lavender Laughter Lip Swatch

#17 Poppy Passion

Poppy Passion Packaging

Poppy Passion is a much brighter, more pigmented pink lipstick than Camellia Morning, but it still has very strong yellow undertones. I would probably describe it as a watermelon shade.

Poppy Passion Bullet

Poppy Passion is the most pigmented lipstick in this collection, with an initial application that is semi-opaque, and a second swipe makes it virtually fully opaque.

Poppy Passion Lip Swatch


The lipsticks are packaged in a 100% recyclable and renewable cardboard box, and printed with soya ink. Each shade of lipstick comes with it’s own original artwork. Honestly this packaging is so cute, I’m going to have trouble disposing of it! The lipstick tubes themselves are made from polylactic acid, a corn resin based material that is fully biodegradable. There’s a little message on each tube that says “nothing nasty touches my lips”.

Karen Murrell Lipstick Tube

The only retailer I have been able to find that currently stocks the Summer Bouquet collection of lipsticks is the Karen Murrell website (ships internationally). They retail for $30 each.

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