Joe Blasco Lip Color Palette – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

3 Joe Blasco Palette

The Joe Blasco Lip Color Palette is a handy-dandy little lip palette containing 5 very wearable shades of professional quality lipstick, each paired with a lip gloss.


The pigmentation of the lip products in the Joe Blasco Lip Color Palette is varied, with all the lip glosses being extremely sheer, while the lipsticks are, as a general rule, semi-opaque.

​Crimson Passion:

43 Crimson Passion 44 Crimson Passion 45 Crimson Passion 46 Crimson Passion
Crimson Passion looks like a reddy-brown in the pan, but when applied to my lips, it became a lovely deep rose pink-red. I had to apply it quite thickly to achieve the opacity in the images above, as it is quite sheer. It applies beautifully as a stain when patted on with a finger.

​Glossy Affair:

39 Glossy Affair 40 Glossy Affair 41 Glossy Affair 42 Glossy Affair
Glossy affair is the lip gloss that is paired with Crimson Passion. It adds the faintest hint of rosiness to my naturally ghost-white lips, and contains the subtlest of subtle copper micro-shimmer that is not at all glittery. Rather, it translates into a soft glow on my lips.

Throbbing Red:

35 Throbbing Red 36 Throbbing Red 37 Throbbing Red 38 Throbbing Red
Although Throbbing Red looks like quite a warm tomato red in these images, in real life I would describe it as more of a neutral red, with the faintest pink tint. Again, I had to apply quite a thick layer to achieve the level of opacity shown above. When patted on as a stain, the colour is reminiscent of Benefit Benetint, or MeMeMe PussyCat.

Fiery Gloss:

31 Fiery Gloss 32 Fiery Gloss 33 Fiery Gloss 34 Fiery Gloss
Fiery Gloss is the lip gloss that was matched to Throbbing Red. In the pan it is absolutely mesmerising – it’s an orange base with a fine gold microglitter running through it, that almost gives it a duochrome effect. On my lips it adds just a hint of warmth with the palest of orange tints, and the microglitter gives a subtle golden glow that is really quite beautiful.

Lusty Mauve:

27 Lusty Mauve 28 Lusty Mauve 29 Lusty Mauve 30 Lusty Mauve
In the pan, Lusty Mauve is a definite mauve shade. Once it was applied to my lips I felt like it became more of a dark fleshy pink-neutral. This is definitely an easy colour to wear – I imagine it would suit almost every skin-tone.

​Breathless Gloss:

23 Breathless Gloss 24 Breathless Gloss 25 Breathless Gloss 26 Breathless Gloss
In the pan, Breathless Gloss looks like a straight-up rose-pink with pink microshimmer. When I applied it to my lips, they just looked smooth, juicy and natural – the shimmer wasn’t at all noticeable. For me, this gloss is a good one for the days when all I want is a slick of gloss and a coat of mascara before I leave the house.

Razzle Red:

19 Razzle Red 20 Razzle Red 21 Razzle Red 22 Razzle Red
The name of this lipstick, Razzle Red, is very misleading – in the pan it looks like a pink based coral, and this translates to a pinky-coral stain on my lips. I found this lipstick quite sheer, and couldn’t really build the colour up. This didn’t worry me because I really like the stained look i was able to achieve.

Glossy Melon:

15 Glossy Melon 16 Glossy Melon 17 Glossy Melon 18 Glossy Melon
In the pan Glossy Melon looks like a creamy peachy coral with no shimmer. On the lips this becomes a clear lip gloss. I couldn’t see any colour at all on my lips with this gloss, and because my lips seriously lack any pigmentation of their own, I doubt this would show as colour on anyones lips. It is just a nice, natural looking glossy finish.

Sexy Bronze:

11 Sexy Bronze 12 Sexy Bronze 13 Sexy Bronze 14 Sexy Bronze
Sexy Bronze is a gorgeous nude. In the pan I thought it would be too yellow toned for my pink, pink skin. However, when I applied it, it was like magic – a lovely nude tone that flattered my face and didn’t wash me out or make me look extra pink in the face. Again, this is quite a sheer lipstick, and I found it started to get a little patchy if I built the colour up any further.

Dreamy Gloss:

7 Dreamy Gloss 8 Dreamy Gloss 9 Dreamy Gloss 10 Dreamy Gloss
Dreamy Gloss is the gloss that was paired with Sexy Bronze. In the pan it looks like a latte colour with the same superfine microshimmer as featured in most of the other glosses in the palette. On my lips it becomes a clear gloss with the faintest undertone of white gold.

Ease of application:

These lipsticks and lipglosses are very easy to apply – for a stain effect just pat some onto your lips with a fingertip. For a fuller coverage, apply with a lip brush – there’s one included in the palette, and although it’s not the highest quality, it is quite nice, and gets the job done.

5 Joe Blasco Lip Brush


I wouldn’t describe these as the longest wearing lipsticks I’ve tried. The texture is very light, and errs on the side of oily rather than waxy (which I personally love). This does mean that they need frequent reapplication, however that’s a sacrifice that I am willing to make in order to have a light, non-drying formula.


1 Joe Blasco Palette

The packaging of this palette feels quite luxurious and high-end. It comes presented in a velvet pouch, which always amps up the “wow” factor for me, and the palette itself feels sturdy, with a nice weight to it. The finish is a gloss black (easy to clean but shows fingerprints like crazy!) with the Joe Blasco logo in gold on the lid.

2 Joe Blasco Palette

When you open the palette you are presented with the 10 lip products, paired off into lipstick and matching gloss, and a decent sized mirror, making this very suitable for on-the-go or travel makeup.

4 Joe Blasco Palette

What they say:

Renowned for his innovative formulations, Joe Blasco has set the standard again by creating his fabulous Lip Color Palette, which includes five luscious lipsticks and five delightful glosses in a sleek black-mirrored compact. Todays most versatile and popular colors in varying depths and finishes have been combined with long lasting and moisturizing formulas. This glamorous lip collection runs the gamut with colors ranging from brilliant crimson to natural nude. Lipsticks and glosses may be worn alone, combined, or layered to achieve the Joe Blasco Hollywood Glamour Look. Palette includes Lipsticks in Crimson Passion, Throbbing Red, Lusty Mauve, Razzle Red, and Sexy Bronze and Glosses in Glossy Affair, Fiery Gloss, Breathless Gloss, Glossy Melon, and Dreamy Gloss, plus a mini lip brush. Wear alone or layer to create the perfect look.

Available from:

BOBS Studio at Cameron Jane Makeup Design (online soon, follow @BOBS_Studio for details of when).


$29.95 AUD
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