How to make small eyes look bigger

You may have heard that Hair Expo was a few weeks ago. What you may not know, is that it’s not all about the hair. Don’t get me wrong, it’s MOSTLY about the hair, but there are generally a number of workshops available to attend that are supplementary to hair education. This year, one of the supplementary workshops was led by the amazing Rae Morris, and was based around the principles of her second book, Express Makeup.

Rae Morris at work

One of the techniques she taught during this workshop is designed to make small eyes look bigger, and I was her model for this demonstration. I’ve outlined the technique below, and I hope you find it helpful!

I’ll begin by outlining the technique on some AWESOME diagrams I made:

1 Diagram of Eye

Imagine that this is your eye, and you would like to make it look bigger. Take a neutral coloured (brown, grey or black) eyeliner or eyeshadow, and apply it with a small, precise brush in a straight line under your eye, parallel to the floor. The lowest point of your eye should meet this line, as per the diagram below:

2 Diagram of line under eye

Now, taking the same eyeliner or eyeshadow that you used to create this line, fill in the space between the line, and your lower lashline, as per the diagram below:

3 Diagram of under eye filled in.

This simple technique works surprisingly well to make your eyes look bigger.

Demonstration of how to make small eyes look bigger
​Thanks to Amysass7 for this photo! x

Although it is a little difficult to see, if you look at the screen in the image above, you can see that my right eye (to your left) has had this technique applied, and looks significantly larger than my left eye (to your right).

How to make small eyes look bigger 1
How to make small eyes look bigger 2

This is the completed makeup look – it is a little ratty and worn-in due to the fact that it was applied about 5 and a half hours before this photo was taken, and it was pouring rain. I had just run from the exhibition centre to the tram stop, so I was both wet and a little sweaty (yum). HOWEVER – the general effect is still evident, and I think my eyes do look much larger than usual in these pictures.

Do you think your eyes are small? Will you be trying this technique at home? Let me know in the comments below.

P.S. I took a stickybeak at Rae’s kit – here’s a sneaky snapshot, in case you’re interested:

Rae Morris' Makeup Kit_0

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