A Workday to Workin’ It Makeover

For this Face of the Day I had a huge workday ahead of me, from an early start to a post-work event, then post-event event. I needed a classic face that would last all day. It needed to be easy for me to maintain and build on before heading to my event(s) and had to ensure I didn’t look like a corpse after three deadlines, a poorly planned lunchtime Pilates class and having the filing shelf fall on my head (I wish I was joking). Plus, I had to look office-friendly, then necking-a-jug-of-sangria-friendly. Here’s what I came up with:

Michaela FOTD

Michaela FOTD 2

Michaela FOTD 3

Products Used:

Michaela FOTD-products

For my base I used Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer (a sample I’m using for the first time – fingers crossed!), topped with Clarins Everlasting Foundation applied all over with fingers and cemented by MAC’s Fix+ spray.
Michaela FOTD Products 2

Under eyes, I used Benefit Erase Paste (and stashed it in my purse for when the dark shadow monsters emerge around 3pm. Begone foul beasts!), and used my finger (yes, I said finger) to smear the light green in my Giorgio Armani Jacquard palette over my lid and then used L’Oreal Colour Infalliable shadow in Endless Chocolat on the crease and smooshed into the skin to blend. I have so many eye brushes but never use them. I used both ends of Almay’s Bright Eyes pencil – the pearl for my waterline and inner corners and the bronze just under my lower lashes. Eyes were finished with two coats of Australis Lash TLC mascara.
Michaela FOTD products 3

To get that rosy, two glasses of wine down, four to go pink-cheeked glow, I blended in a swipe of shu uemura’s Creamy Dome Blush in Fairy Pink and then amped up the pastel pinkiness with MeMeMe’s Blush Me! in Pink on the apples.
Michaela FOTD Products 4

I finished off with a deep red lippy – Sisley’s Geisha which is exxy, but lasts ages on me without drying and eventually wears down to an even stain which looks like I’ve mowed down a bag of red liquorice in the best possible way.
Michaela FOTD Products 5

A light dusting of Giorgio Armani’s Madreperla Luxury Palette across my cheek bones with my Ere Perez blush brush lets me get my glow on without turning me into a sequin.

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