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Motherhood is a wonderful thing, it truly is. However, having a 4 week old baby has left me with precious little time to do focus on important things like maintaining a manicure. Gone are the days when I could change up my manicure every night if I felt like it (at least for a few years).

Given my current lack of time, I was delighted to find out that an ultra long-wearing, DIY gel nail polish recently became available to the Australian market. It’s called Fuse Gelnamel, it’s readily available in Priceline and Big W, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to trial it.


The Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit is a cute-as-a-button box stuffed with everything you need to do a long-wearing gel manicure at home. It contains an itty bitty curing lamp, just big enough for one finger, that is powered by USB, a full sized bottle of gelnamel (which is an all-in-one base coat, colour coat and top coat), a nail file, an orange stick, nail cleansing solution and lint-free wipes.


There are three colour choices with the starter kit, and a total of twelve “hues of Fuse”, or individually available polish colours.


I was sent the “Sonic Blue-m” starter kit, and 2 individual polishes, “Polar Bare” and “Lightning Jolt”.


L-R: Polar Bare, Sonic Blue-m, Lightning Jolt.

Although I struggled to find the time to do my nails, I ended up setting aside a precious 10 minutes to get them done. The process was very straightforward. I used the provided nail file to gently knock the natural shine off my nails, then cleaned any dust or oil off my nails with the provided cleansing solution and wipes.

One nail at a time I applied a thin coat of gelnamel, and cured it under the curing lamp, which has a built in timer to make it super-easy to know when your polish has cured. It’s worth noting that although Fuse Gelnamel claims to be opaque in one coat, I applied one coat of Polar Bare, 2 coats of Sonic Blue-m and three coats of Lightning Jolt to achieve the opacity seen in the below swatches.

Once I had built up the layers of polish to my desired level of opacity, I used the cleansing solution and wipes to remove the residue off my nails, and I was left with a lovely glossy manicure.

I wore a single coat of Polar Bare on my nails for 10 days, and had barely any chipping when I removed it. I am on day 7 of wearing Sonic Blue-m and Lightning Jolt with no chipping or visible tip wear. Considering I generally chip my nails within a day of a fresh manicure, this is fantastic wear. As an added bonus, the gel polish seems to help prevent my nails from flaking and breaking.


^^Polar Bare is an ultra sheer, almost invisible pink polish with a generous sprinkling of translucent silver micro-glitter. It’s a very subtly manicure and would be quite appropriate for a conservative work environment. I thought it would make a nice layering polish, but after trying it over Sonic Blue-m, I wouldn’t recommend it. As a layering polish it seems to have a very patchy finish.


^^Lightning Jolt (as seen on my feature nail) is a clear base packed with plenty of silver micro glitter, with a sprinkle of blue and fuschia glitter as well. It is quite densely packed with glitter, but I did still need 3 thin coats to achieve the pictured opacity.


^^Sonic Blue-m is a bright twitter blue with a creme finish and a glossy shine. I applied 2 coats to achieve the opacity shown.

Like pretty much all gel polishes, these are a bit painful to remove, however there is a kit available to assist you with the removal. It contains 30 nail removal foils, a bottle of pure acetone and an orange stick. Although it is more time-consuming that removing regular polish, this kit makes removal MUCH easier than it would otherwise be.

Fuse Gelnamel is available in Australia from Priceline and Big W.

For today and tomorrow (the 11th and 12th of March 2014) Fuse Gelnamel products will be 40% off, making the starter kits only $30.00 and the individual polishes only $9.00 each.

Fuse Gelnamel is also available in the US. Click HERE to find your nearest retailer.

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