Australis 10 Hour Wear Eye Pencils

Product Breakdown:

Available in 3 shades; Bombastic Bronze, Aqua Attack and Grape cake.  This liner is a smooth creamy pencil that goes on easily and lasts all day.


The pigmentation of these pencils is amazing. As a lover of all things teal and turquoise I HAD to get ‘Aqua Attack’. I’d heard/seen good things about these pencils, and I was in no way disappointed.

All three liners are incredibly pigmented, however it is obviously more noticeable in a bright blue, as opposed to a dark purple.

10hr EL hand swatch
Aqua Attack is a fiercely bright blue.

To test the claim that these liners could be used for a “smouldering smudged effect” I did a little smudge test. I did it straight after my swatch,however I did take time to photograph my swatch first.

10hrELSmudge test

Based on this little experiment, I think its safe to say that there is a minimal amount of smudging. I would recommend smudging out the product immediately after application to achieve a stronger “smudgy” effect.

Here’s this lovely eyeliner in action:
10hrEL eyeswatch

Ease of application:

The consistency of these liners makes application easy and smooth, and the lightest touch leaves a brilliant line of pure colour. I experienced absolutely no tugging, no poking and no scratchy nastiness. With application being so easy, the lightest of touches will apply product, so in order to keep your application precise, make sure you keep a pencil sharpener handy.


On the lash line, this did exactly what it said it would and stayed in place. I don’t rub my eyes, so I don’t usually experience issues here. Sadly I can’t say the same about the water line and I did experience some transfer and fading. It is worth mentioning, however, that the only product that lasts all day on my waterline is a hardcore gel eyeliner.

Overall, this liner provided the perfect pop of colour throughout my work day.

The liners claim to be waterproof, I ran water over my swatch whilst rubbing gently and I got this result;

10hrEL waterproof

Given that unless you want to remove a product, you are unlikely to apply water AND rub, and water alone did nothing, I’d say they live up to the claim.


The sleek black casing of the pencil is sophisticated, however the end of the pencil reflects the colour of the product. This means you should have no trouble searching for them in your makeup bag, or spotting them in a cup holder full of liners (this I know).  A clear lid shows the true colour of the pencil.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

My only real complaint is the lack of a black shade in this range – we all want the perfect black liner that lasts and lasts. Personally I’d like to see a whole range of colours because I am a colour addict, but commercially I was surprised at this shortcoming.

I appreciate the fact that these eyeliners are sharpenable. It means I can easily keep them hygienic by sharpening them to removeany contaminated product. Here’s a friendly reminder – make sure you sanitize your sharpener too.

What they say:

Longer-lasting like no other! This sharpenable waterproof pencil applies like a liquid eyeliner and doesn’t budge all day. Colour stays put for 10hrs plus which means more time dancing and less time re-applying! Perfect for precision lines or a smouldering smudged effect

My verdict:

I think these are a great dupe for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencils. They are so smooth and pigmented, so easy to use, wear and love. The biggest difference here in Australia is that by buying Australis, we are supporting local industry. It doesn’t hurt that they are readily available virtually everywhere here, and the price point plants them in the Frugal Friday category of $10 or less!

I rarely wear much makeup to work, because I start stupidly early and I enjoy my sleep. These liners have been a great way for me to look “made-up” quickly and with minimal effort.

Available from:

Australis Stockists nationwide and the Australis shop online here.


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