Face of Australia Glitterati Polish Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches, (Giveaway closed)

Glitter. I love it. So you can imagine my delight when I was recently sent the up-and-coming Glitterati collection of polishes from Face of Australia. This collection is a set of 8 polishes, all glitter based!

Glitterati Collection

The collection contains 5 glitter polishes in a clear base, and 3 squishy jelly glitter polishes. Well, if I’m being fair, 2 squishy jelly glitter polishes, and one almost opaque glitter polish!

FoA Glitterati 2

FoA Glitterati 1
Wow, I really should have used some cuticle oil before taking these pictures…

All polishes have been swatched over 2 coats of Picture Polish Beige.

Dancing Queen:

Dancing Queen 1

Dancing Queen contains a mixture of largeish metallic green-gold hex glitters, with small matte black and metallic green-gold round glitters.

Dancing Queen 2

Dancing Queen 3

Pictured is one coat on the nail. As you can see it’s quite sparse, but very pretty.

Dancing Queen 4

Heart of Glass:

Heart of Glass 1

Heart of Glass is a very pale pastel pink polish with a beautiful translucency that allows the glitter to peek through. It contains a mixture of pink, purple, red and holographic silver glitter in a variety of shapes including hearts, medium hex and squares, tiny hex and itty bitty bar glitter. The glitter is quite sparse.

Heart of Glass 2

Heart of Glass 3

Pictured is one coat on the nail. It is extremely sparse (which I quite enjoy), however the larger glitters have been very difficult for me to get out – I have been unsuccessful with getting any hearts onto the nail to date.

Heart of Glass 4

Disco Inferno:

Disco Inferno 1

Disco Inferno is a clear base polish full of fuchsia, red and aquamarine glitters in a mixture of small and medium hex shapes.

Disco Inferno 2

Disco Inferno 3

Pictured is one coat of polish. I had no trouble getting the glitter onto the nail, and it spread beautifully.

Disco Inferno 4

Boogie Wonderland:

Boogie Wonderland 1

Boogie Wonderland is probably my favourite polish from this collection. It’s a very pale blue-lavender base polish that offers very pretty translucency that can be built up into a delightful peek-a-boo glitter manicure. It contains primarily small round glitter, with a few larger hex glitters and some long bar glitter thrown in for good measure. The bar glitter has a tendency to want to sit on it’s side, or to curl up, so I would suggest a nice thick top coat to go with this polish – I prefer Seche Vite. I was able to pick green, blue, purple, red, fuschia, orange and holographic silver in this glitter.

Boogie Wonderland 2

Boogie Wonderland 3

Pictured is one coat of Boogie Wonderland over a flesh-toned polish. For the best result, I recommend applying 4-5 thin layers of this polish, for a sensational squishy peek-a-boo effect.

Boogie Wonderland 4

Lookin’ For Some Hot Stuff

Lookin for some hot stuff 1

Lookin’ For Some Hot Stuff is a clear base polish, jam packed with red microglitter, as well as some small red, purple and black rounds, and some white bar glitter.

Lookin for some hot stuff 2

Lookin for some hot stuff 3

It offers a greater level of coverage than most of the other polishes in this collection, however it can be a little “clumpy” looking on the first coat. Pictured is 2 coats over a flesh-toned polish.

Lookin for some hot stuff 4

Funky Town:

Funky Town 1

Funky Town would have to be my least favourite polish from this collection. It’s actually a really pretty, dirty purple colour base polish, however it lacks the translucency necessary to really let the glitter shine. The glitter is also extremely sparse through this polish, which seems to make it lose all impact whatsoever. I was able to pick out some copper, black and aquamarine coloured glitter, and they all appear to be a medium hex glitter, or small round glitter.

Funky Town 2

Funky Town 3

Funky town looks very patchy and streaky on the first coat, but a second coat evens it out nicely. Pictured is 2 coats.

Funky Town 4

Disco Inferno:

Saturday Night Fever 1

Disco Inferno is a polish I wanted to love. When I first saw it, I thought that Face of Australia was probably channeling a little bit of the iconic “Happy Birthday” by Deborah Lippmann, however I compared them side by side, and it’s not even close. Disco Inferno is a psychadelic rainbow mixture of seemingly every colour under the sun, with every shape possible thrown in.

Saturday Night Fever 2

Saturday Night Fever 3

Pictured is one coat over a flesh coloured base polish. It really is a very lovely festive final look, however there are a few technical issues with this polish. The larger hex and square glitters have a slight curve to them, leaving pointy corners sticking up off the nail. It’s nothing a good thick top coat can’t fix, however it does still look like the polish is peeling off the nail. It’s a small nitpicky thing, and 99 of people probably wouldn’t even notice.

Saturday Night Fever 4

This polish shares some similarities with Australis Fairy Bread. If you would like to see Saturday Night Fever, Australis Fairy Bread and Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday swatched side-by-side, let me know in the comments.

Studio 54

Studio 54 1

Studio 54 is coming in a close second for favourite polishes in this collection. It’s a clear base polish with copper coloured micro-glitter and copper coloured small round glitter.

Studio 54 2

Studio 54 3

It’s incredibly pretty as a layering polish and also works really well for gradient manicures. It’s quite a sophisticated finished look (for a glitter!)

Studio 54 4


These polishes come in the standard Face of Australia Limited Edition polish packaging. The handle is a good size to work with, and the brushes are functional but nothing to write home about.

Ease of Application

As far as glitter polishes go, these were surprisingly pleasant to apply. In most cases, the glitter came out easily and spread over the nail like a dream. Like all glitter polishes, however, they’re a complete bitch to remove.


Overall, the longevity of these polishes wasn’t too bad. I found that without a top coat, Disco Inferno and Saturday Night Fever really wanted to flake off, however a good topcoat fixed that problem.


$4.95 (bargain!)

Available from

Priceline, Big W, Kmart and Online

Your Chance to WIN!

Thanks to Face of Australia, one lucky Makeup Utopia reader will be receiving the FULL COLLECTION of Glitterati Nail Polishes! All you need to do to win is to leave a comment on this review telling me which Glitterati Polish is your favourite, and what colour polish you would layer underneath it. The most creative answer will win the full set of 8 Face of Australia Glitterati Polishes!

One entry per person. The winner will be chosen based on creative merit, and the competition is only open to readers with an Australian mailing address. Competition opens 7am AEST on the 19/4/2013 and closes at 11:59pm on Anzac Day the 25/4/2013.

And a winner has been chosen! The winning comment:

I was initially attracted to the soft pink glitter (Heart of Glass) as I’ve been looking for something similar to go with my Glinda costume for The Wizard of Oz musical. But now I have seen the red, it would look great over black or a dark green as a Wicked Witch of the West alternative. Maybe one hand painted good and the other painted evil to depict how we’re taunted by dangerous thoughts daily. Good (soft pink glitter) would always prevail of course!

Good Luck!

*Products featured in this article were provided for editorial consideration.

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