Face of Australia Matte Eye Primer – Review, Photos, Swatches


This is a very pale primer. It looks very white on me and has the opacity of a white eye shadow – the claims they make about using this as an eye shadow are true; if you’re looking for a white eye shadow, this will do a great job (apply with a brush for a more controlled effect with product).

FOA Eye Primer 1
Eye primer swatch. 

FOA Eye Primer 2
Left: Inglot eye shadow swatched sans primer, Right: Inglot eye shadow swatched with primer. 

Note that the swatch on the right hand side is more opaque and densely pigmented due to the use of the primer. It was a little difficult to capture here, but the primed swatch also has a much more bronzed, earth-toned aspect to the gold shimmer, rather than a yellow tone (in the left swatch).

Ease of application:

These are the instructions, straight from the website:

How To

Smooth a small amount of the FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eye Primer over your eyelid and brow bone with fingers ensuring it is rubbed in with no excess. Apply your eye-make up or wear alone as the perfect base.

This is pretty much the easiest application instruction you can give – works for me! Just make sure fingers are clean before you dip in. A little of this goes quite a long way.

I find that it is much easier to get a flawless finish when applying this primer with a brush, as opposed to fingers.


I don’t find this eye primer to be super long-wearing.

It holds well for a period of time, but after about an hour I experience severe creasing, so that all the eyeshadow is clumped up. When I blink my eyes, that’s all you can see of what was once my lovely eye shadow, applied all over my eye lids.


This packaging is fairly simple to use – it’s in a small compact with a clear lid:

FOA Eye Primer 3

While this is fine for me (I always wash hands before application), I would prefer to see this packaged in a tube or pump for hygiene reasons – it’s more of a bacteria risk when dipping your finger into the product and applying, then dipping back in again.

What they say:

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eye Primer comes in two unique formulas to suit any skin tone or make-up look.

The matte formula glides in creating the perfect stay proof base for eye make-up that won’t move or crease. The shimmer primer creates a more glitzy look with its micro-fine glitter pigments. Instantly creates a smoother canvas for make-up holding down any fine hairs and smoothing skin for a flawless look that won’t budge from day to night.

FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eye Primer is available in two unique shades and textures for matte and shimmer effects on the eyes. FACE OF AUSTRALIA Eye Primer helps to moisturise and smooth out the delicate eye area.

Neutral tones in both eye primers means that any skin tone or make-up shade can be used on top of this primer or can be worn alone instead of eye shadow.

Available from:

Big W, Priceline, Kmart, Fashion Addict Website.

The stockists are listed here.


$7.95 AUD
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