Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Lacquer in Island Retreat – Review, Photos

Product Breakdown:

This is packaged and presented as a lip gloss, to function as lip glosses do: by making your lips glossy, protecting from the environment while acting as a lip conditioner/plumper, and smelling yummy, too!


This is a very sheer gloss – it does lend the lips a slight coral tint, though. This can be built upon for a stronger colour and shine if desired.

The real stars of the show are the fine, shimmery pigments in this gloss. They illuminate and create a lovely shine that is subtle and elegant. If applied appropriately and very sparingly, it might even make a lovely face highlighter in a pinch for a dewy evening look.

Ease of application:

The application of this lip gloss is pretty stock-standard procedure: whip out the wand, which has the appropriate level of product on it, and swipe over the lips until the desired effect is achieved.

Easy Peasy!


I find that I can need a new application of this lacquer every hour or so to maintain the level of gloss I like. I think this has to do with absorption into my lips, mostly, though, because I can easily sit and not drink or eat anything for an hour and still need to reapply. I take this as a good sign – there must be more conditioner than lacquer in the formula!

I just advise that if you’re wearing this out to have coffee or eat, take a compact mirror for the touch-ups that you can expect to be doing.


The Lip Lacquer is packaged in a regular tube that is a rectangular shape (great if you want to rest the tube on the bathroom sink/other flat surfaces without it rolling off and landing on the floor).

FOA Island Retreat 1
The gloss, sitting on my Island Retreat Reading… “Dracula” for those playing at home…

The lid has the applicator wand attached to it, much like a regular lip gloss/lacquer.

FOA Island Retreat 2

What is a little different is that when the lid is screwed off, it automatically begins to lift out of the tube on its own, as if the wand is being pushed from the bottom of the tube. In light of this, I recommend keeping a firm hold on the lid when removing it, in case of dropping the wand/lid on the floor and picking up grotty floor bacteria.

I rule this tube to be very handbag-safe, as the lid always screws in securely.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

The smell of this product warrants a mention – I can’t really capture what the scent elements are, (I think I can pick bergamot, and something very sweet [probably the cinnamon] – I can’t pick any menthol, though).

It definitely smells refreshing, like the Island Retreat it is named for.

What they say:

Ultra light-reflecting pearls ensure the perfect, full pout can be yours with a swipe of Divine Shine.

The ultra shiny, moisturising Lip Plumper utilises the incredible properties of ginger, cinnamon and menthol to deliver an amazing plumping effect.

Available from:

A full list of Face of Australia’s stockists can be found HERE.


RRP $10.45 AUD
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