Eye of Horus Smokey Eye Pencil – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown: This is basically a kohl eyeliner pencil, with a smudging sponge at the end (for the smouldering) that can be used as a standard liner for definition or can be blended to create more of a smokey eye.

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is a nice dark black, which can be darkened or blended depending on the line you want.
Eye of Horus Swatches
Ease of application: The kohl tip itself is quite soft, which is great for blending on the top lash but you need to make sure you have a well sharpened point if you want a more defined line on your lower lash.
Longevity: Once applied there is a little bit of time to play around with the liner before it sets, however once it sets it doesn’t budge. This is perfect if you’re anything like me and frequently end up with your eyeliner bleeding into the lines around your eyes.
Packaging: The packaging reflects the ancient Egyptian theme of the brand with a gold and black colour theme (think Cleopatra) – the cap on the pencil end is black, while the smudger end is gold. I’ve had the pencil for a couple of months now and the gold writing on the pencil has started to fade which is slightly disappointing. I also find the smudging tool a little bit harsh on my upper lid because of the ridge/seam across the middle, so I prefer to use a brush.
My shot of the product:Logo & product name beginning to fade after a couple of months.
What they say: The kohl pencil is made with jojoba wax and mango oil and is totally waterproof once it sets.  The blurb from the product page goes like this:
“Get that exotic Kohl look with our lusciously easy-to-apply smokey eye liner pencil. It is uniquely formulated with Jojoba Wax and Mango Oil, and is 100% waterproof, so it glides on without tearing and stays on without imprints on eye lids. Perfect for day wear to accentuate eyes, or evening wear to get that sensual smokey look. Smudger on tip allows to define or smoulder as much as you like.”Product shot from their website:


Available from: Eye of Horus
RRP: $30 AUD

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