Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Shadow 1

Estee Lauder Pure Color Gelee Powder Shadow in Cyber Teal, from the current Cyber Eyes Collection.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Shadow 2

Cyber Teal is definitely teal, however it’s a slightly dirty teal with a soft charcoal base, lending it a pleasant and unexpected sophistication.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Shadow 4

Where teal makeup can sometimes cross the line to in-your-face brightness, Cyber Teal is muted and elegant, while still making a bold statement.


The unique “tribrid” formula of this eyeshadow makes it possible to apply Cyber Teal at varying intensities. It is designed to be used both wet and dry.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Hand Swatch 1
​The top swatch was applied wet, the bottom swatch was applied dry.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Hand Swatch 2

​When applied dry, the soft charcoal base becomes more visible, with a pretty overlay of shimmering teal.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Hand Swatch 4

When applied wet, the result is a densely pigmented, high-shine metallic finish.

Ease of application:

I experienced no difficulty when applying this eyeshadow both wet and dry. It is very easy to use, and blends out nicely.


I wore this eyeshadow out for 5 hours with no noticeable signs of wear. However when I got home, I unconsciously rubbed my eyes, and suddenly I looked like I had slept in my makeup. Moral of this story – Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow is relatively long-wearig, however if you are an eye-rubber, it is relatively unforgiving.


Estee Lauder Cyber Eyes Shadow 1

Like Estee Lauder as a brand, the packaging for the Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadows screams elegance. The gold embossed lid, solid perspex base and comforting heaviness leaves no question, this is a luxury product. The compact closes with a satisfying click, however it locks shut so securely that you risk your manicure every time you open it.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal Shadow 3

The feeling of luxury is only reinforced when you open the compact. The shadow itself is pressed into an amazingly textural, multi-dimensional wave pattern that is almost too pretty to use!

Anything else worth mentioning?:

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal on Eye 1

This look was created in about 2 minutes flat. I used a wet brush to apply Pure Color Gelee Powder Eyeshadow all over my lid, stopping right at my crease. I used a dry blender brush to apply a small amount of dry shadow in my crease to soften any hard lines. I applied a lick of mascara (in the car, hence the slightly dodgy application) and voila! All done!

Incidentally, my eyes are grey, and look how Cyber Teal brings out the green in them. If you have green eyes, this shade of eyeshadow will make them POP.

Estee Lauder Cyber Teal on Eye 2

What they say:

Texturally Graphic Shadows Drench Lids in Drama

Ravage eyes in a modern transformation of the classic eyeshadow formula with new hyper-metallic shades that are both mysterious and intensely theatrical. New, limited edition Pure Color Gelée Powder EyeShadows include a first-to-market, “tribrid” system that changes the way makeup can be worn, wet or dry, for an application and wear that revolutionises the current eyeshadow category. The “tribrid” Prisma Shine™ technology is an all-in-one liquid, powder and gel that creates a texture that is futuristically bouncy and malleable for an eyeshadow that smoothes on like molten metal for an extreme sheen. The shadow retains its unique structure and texture after coming into contact with a wet or dry brush and is long-lasting, non-fading, non-flaking and non-creasing for an optimal wear.

The exclusive formula can be worn in two finish options: apply wet for a hyper-metallic charged flash of colour or dry for a subtle shine finish. Six vibrantly decadent shades, Cyber Copper, Cyber Pink, Cyber Lilac, Cyber Silver, Cyber Green and Cyber Teal, allow for complete versatility in creating a range of eye looks, while the accompanying specially designed, high-performing sponge-mitt applicator is recommended for exceptional application, either wet or dry.

Available from:

Estee Lauder Counters and online.

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