Ere Perez Rich Olive Oil Lipsticks – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

Ere Perez has just launched a new range of 8 Olive Oil lipsticks. The colours available are:

  • High Tea – A dusty pink
  • Prom – An iridescent sweet pink
  • Surprise – A frivolous hot pink
  • Birthday – A peachy-coral pink
  • Fiesta – A glossy cherry red
  • Dance – A bronzy red-brown
  • Cocktail – A dark dusty rose-pink
  • Gala – a sheer dark brown.


Please note – the swatch shots are quite true-to-life and are completely unedited.

High Tea

High Tea 6 High Tea 7
High Tea is the sheerest of the lipsticks I tried. It imparts a soft rose-pink tint to the lips, as well as a very subtle pearlescence that is not at all glittery.


Cocktail 6 Cocktail 7
Cocktail is what I would describe as a having a medium level of pigmentation. It obscures the freckles on my lips, without actually covering them.

Cocktail looks quite dark in the tube, but translates on my lips as a pretty pink-chocolate colour. I have to admit, I have an irrational fear of brown lipstick (oh, the 90’s), but this has enough pink in it to avoid looking dated. Cocktail would be a very good choice for someone looking to explore bold-ish lipstick without going too bright.


Surprise 6 Surprise 7
Surprise is the most pigmented of the three lipsticks, offering a medium-high level of lip coverage. If you look closely you can ​barely ​make out my lip freckles, but they are virtually imperceptible to the naked eye.

Surprise is, without a doubt, my favourite of the three. It’s a beautiful bright pink with a somewhat yellow undertone. Surprise is universally flattering, making it a great lipstick for someone wanting to take the first step into bright, fun lipstick.

Ease of application:

For me to be able to class a lipstick as easy to apply, it needs to have a few things: A smooth, creamy texture that spreads on the lips without dragging, a flattering level of coverage on the first swipe, so I don’t need to overload my lips and risk lipstick bleeding, and the ability to apply crisp, clean lines straight from the bullet.

Ere Perez lipsticks succeed on 2 of these three categories. The texture is not super emollient, but it is creamy enough to apply with no drag, and the one-swipe coverage is lovely for each of the three shades I tried. Unfortunately, I like my cupids bow to have quite an angular shape, and I can’t achieve this straight from the bullet.

Cocktail 3
You can see in the image above that the bullet tip is quite flat and rounded. This is lovely if you are trying to achieve a similar rounded shape on your cupids bow. Sadly it leaves angular lip-lovers like myself with no real option than to apply these lipsticks with a lip-brush. Although this is not a real problem, it can make on-the-go touch-ups a little more complicated and time consuming.


I get 3-4 hours wear from these lipsticks before they noticeably fade. I found they fade quite evenly, and I didn’t end up with a ring around my lips, even after eating.

I don’t mind the shorter wear time, as they don’t dry my lips out. My philosophy on lipstick is that if you’re going to wear it, you need to commit to regular touch-ups.


Please note – when taking these product shots, my white balance was completely out of whack. I have edited the product photos in an attempt to approximate the colours true-to-life.

In keeping with the ethos of the brand, Ere Perez lipsticks are packaged in a fairly plain, but clean looking white box, with a band across the top to reflect the colour of the lipstick contained within:
Cocktail 1

The tube itself is a simple yet elegant cream coloured casing with Ere’s signature down one side:
High Tea 4 Cocktail 4 Surprise 4

The tubes are clearly marked on the bottom with the shade name, and the label is tinted to reflect the colour in the tube:
High Tea 2 Cocktail 2 Surprise 2

It’s worth noting that the tops of the tubes are slightly rounded – I like to store my lipsticks label side up to make is easy to select my desired shade, and the rounded top makes them a little unstable.

What they say:

The lipsticks are rich, smooth and ultra moisturising and hydrating to condition lips and offer protection from the elements. The formula is really long-lasting colour that stays on all day.

Star Ingredient: Olive oil is one of natures rich, nourishing and beautiful ingredients that’s great for all sorts of beauty uses. It is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants and can be used as a hair conditioning treatment, moisturiser for dry skin, and even as eye makeup remover.

Available from:

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Currently available from Vitale Natural


$29.90 AUD
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