Beauty blogs that survived my feedly cull

I’m a dedicated blog reader. Always have been. But in the lead up to our big move to the Netherlands, I found myself getting more and more overwhelmed by my unread items in Feedly (my blog aggregator of choice).

I had been downsizing eveything else in my life, it seemed only fair that I should downsize the number of blogs in my reader, and keep only those that I REALLY didn’t want to miss a single post from. It’s been great, I have gone from having close to 1,000 articles in my reader each day to skim through to having fewer than 20, all of which I really look forward to reading.

Here is a list of all the BEAUTY blogs that made the cut (I’ll share the non-beauty blogs this time next week):

Don’t they know who I am?

Suzanne is a hilarious librarian from Western Australia with a no-nonsense approach to beauty products. As well as covering beauty, she occasionally throws in some geek-girl content, or the odd cat photo. A woman after my own heart. She generally posts online hauls and really thorough, unbiased product reviews.


Emma is based in Melbourne, and I *believe* she is either a teacher, or is studying to be a teacher. She posts some great wearable face of the days and shares her hauls, both high end and budget.

Hair Romance

Christina is not just one of my favourite bloggers, she is also one of my all time favourite people. Based in Sydney, she posts incredible aspirational hairdo’s , simple, easy to follow tutorials and tips and tricks to make the most of your hair.

Makeup and Macaroons

Lilit is a busy working mama of a gorgeous 2 year old and a die-hard lipstick fiend. She posts great product reviews, face of the days and the occasional DIY article.

More than Adored

Sarah has one of the most visually inspiring blogs I have seen for a long time. I find myself poring over her pictures, her flatlays are to die for.

Lara is another of my favourite people, as well as an incredible blogger. Her product photography is inspiring, her product reviews are no-nonsense and quite often laugh out loud funny, and she is just delightfully cynical and sarcastic.

Beauty and the Bullshit

Sadly I think that Rowena has stopped posting, but she is a former makeup brand executive who has busted so much bullshit on her blog. Even though she doesn’t publish anymore, her archives are definitely worth a read.

Brightest Bulb in the Box

Robyn is another no-nonsense beauty blogger who takes great pleasure in busting myths and keeping it real when it comes to beauty products. Her reviews always tae into account the true value of a product, and her product trials are always well thought out and rigorous.

Kevin James Bennett

KJB is an Emmy award winning makeup artist, and a veritable fount of information about all things cosmetics. He shares his wealth of information on his blog, on his IN MY KIT website, as well as on his IN MY KIT facebook group (be warned, the members of this group do not tolerate ignorance of their rules lightly. I suggest you read the rules before participating in the group.)

Sandra Holmbom

Sandra posts the most incredible makeup looks, both extreme and wearable, as well as the occasional nail art post or product review. I honestly go pinterest mad on virtually every single post she publishes.

Sharon the Makeup Artist

Sharon is a recent addition to my feedly, I’ve only been following her for a few months. She’s a makeup artist originally from Ireland, but now living in Sydney. Her colouring is very similar to mine, so I find her to be a great resource for certain product recommendations. She’s a YouTuber who publishes a blog as well, and her content is very varied, ranging from makeup tutorials to product reviews to tips and tricks from a pro makeup artist.


Milkteef is another blog I follow because of the inspiring photography. All her pictures are well thought out and beautifully executed, and I pretty much want everything she photographs.


Jade is a beautiful friend of mine, someone I met through blogging and feel like we share many similar philosophies in life. She shares hauls, favourites, faces of the day, outfits of the day and whatever else takes her fancy. Definitely worth a read.


Estee is a Canadian beauty vlogger living in London with her boyfriend Aslan. I have a slight obsession with watching their vlog channel, EssieButtonVlogs, and her beauty blog is well written and beautifully photographed.

Anatomy of Beauty

Blanka creates some incredible faces of the day, and her product photography is moody, beautiful and very appealing.

Beautyholics Anonymous

Tine is an incredibly well established blogger from Melbourne, and her blog is a wealth of information for beauty fiends and bloggers alike. Her regular content is varied and interesting, including product reviews, faces of the day and even tag posts that are always fun to read. Her Bloggie Wednesday series are an incredible resource for any current or aspiring beauty blogger, and much of the information is translatable to bloggers from other verticals.

Eat Paint Sniff Glue

Another blogger who seems to have fallen off the face of the internet, I keep Eat Paint Sniff Glue in my reader, because I always enjoy the posts she publishes, when she can find the time and inspiration to publish something.

My Funny Valentine

Jen is another blogger with mad photography skillz. She posts some great product reviews, inspiring faces of the day, she has published some incredible DIY beauty articles, and more recently she has been publishing the occasional lifestyle posts. She is based in Canberra at the moment, but has been travelling all around Australia for the last year or so, and has many exciting adventures shared on her blog.

The Best Beauty Blog

Ling is based in Melbourne, and has a bubba just a few months older than my little man. Her product reviews are often hilarious as well as being useful and informative, and I personally really enjoy reading her more personal posts as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing the list of beauty blogs that made the cut when I cleaned out my reader. I hope you discovered some great new blogs to read, and please let me know in the comments below if there is a beauty blog I have missed that you think I simply MUST read.

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