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Hooley Dooley, is this lip gloss pigmented or what! I would suggest that naming such a product as a lip gloss is almost misleading! This product is definitely a high-impact liquid lipstick.

De Leon Lipgloss 1

The shade that I was sent is not labeled with a shade name, but I believe it isĀ 01 Looks Better In Red Lipgloss.When applied heavily, it is a deep blood red, and when it is blended out, it becomes a deep pink-red.

De Leon Lipgloss 2

This Lip Gloss is completely opaque and offers a deep, rich colour on my lips.

De Leon Lipgloss 3

Ease of application:

Although incredibly beautiful, this Lip Gloss is one of the more problematic lip products that I own. On first use, the doe-foot applicator can be misleading, because this is definitely not a lipstick you can easily apply “on-the-go”. Due to the high level of pigmentation, this lip product requires great care and a steady hand while applying it.

De Leon Lipgloss 4

My recommended method of application is to wipe any excess product off the wand, then apply the lip gloss to the inside edges of the lips. This should ensure there is very little product left on the wand. You can then use the wand to work the product out to the edges of your lips, and the angle of the doe-foot is helpful when trying to achieve clean, crisp edges.

De Leon Lipgloss 5

One warning when using this product – it stains like you wouldn’t believe! If you look at the above image, you can see that I overdrew my lip line when applying this. This lip gloss has quite a glossy finish, which makes an overdrawn lip line very obvious, so it tried to remove the overdrawn section. You can see how strongly the pigment holds onto the skin.


De Leon Cosmetics Lip Gloss is a very long-wearing lip product, and it wears down in stages. This makes it fantastic for days when you just know you won’t be able to touch-up.

When first applied, this lip gloss is extremely opaque, with a beautiful glossy finish. Interestingly, it is not the slightest bit sticky, and feels quite lightweight on the lips.

Without eating, the glossy finish lasts on me for a good 3-4 hours, before it starts to matte down. At this stage it is still very pigmented and opaque, just not so shiny.

After another few hours of wear, or if I eat, the top level of pigmentation wears off, leaving me with a very strong pink-red stain to my lips. This lasts pretty much all day.


De Leon Lipgloss 6

The packaging on the De Leon Lip Glosses is nothing to write home about, just a stock-standard doe foot applicator tube with a chrome finish lid.

De Leon Lipgloss 7

De Leon Lipgloss 8

What they say:

The best combination of non sticky lipgloss and longlasting pigmented colour. In a moisturising, non scented base. This is truly the Holy Grail of lipglosses!

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