Dauntless Makeup Tutorial

Dauntless Makeup

This year, I’m doing a total of five Halloween looks with a focus on easy to achieve looks that don’t require a lot of hard to find products. This week, I’ve been inspired by the Divergent series of books to create a slightly badass but still wearable look based on the Dauntless faction.

This look is not supposed to be perfectly blended, in fact a slightly slapdash approach to your application lends itself to the story behind the look.

Dauntless Tutorial with header

You need:

  • Black eyeliner pencil
  • Mid-brown eyeshadow
  • Black eyeshadow
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Bronzer
  • Brow product
  • Wearable, low maintenance lipstick
  • Eye blending brush
  • Flat shader brush
  • Tapered cheek brush
  1. Begin with a clean, moisturised face.
  2. Use a black gel liner pencil to scribble along your lashline and up to the middle of your mobile lid. Run a little of the same pencil along your lower lashline. Working quickly, line your waterline top and bottom.
  3. Use your finger to smudge out the pencil around your eyes. It’s not going to look so hot right now, but have faith, it gets better.
  4. Use a fluffy brush and a mid toned brown eyeshadow to blend some depth into your eye crease, and make it easier to blend out the black shadow you’re about to use.
  5. Use a flat shader brush to apply black eyeshadow close to your lashline. Make sure you tap the brush before applying, and apply the shadow in a pressing motion.
  6. Use the same blending brush from step 4 to blend out the black eyeshadow in a shape that is flattering to your eyes. There’s no need to be too neat, the Dauntless lifestyle means that you’re pretty much just trying to disguise the black eyes you got while fighting.
  7.  If you experienced any fallout, use a baby wipe to clean it up, then apply a sheer, dewy foundation all over your face.
  8. Use a bronzer to warm up the perimeter of your face, and emphasise your cheekbones. You can be quite heavy handed, again, you’re probably trying to cover up some bruises from training.
  9. Fill in your eyebrows, but don’t worry about making them too groomed or sculpted. I doubt the Dauntless have time for detailed eyebrow grooming, so bushy is better.
  10. Apply a few thick coats of mascara, and be a bit badass about it. Clumpy lashes work well with this look.
  11. Apply a low maintenance lip colour. I’ve opted for a sheer neutral nude lipstick, because it’ll hold up well under the rigors of Dauntless life.
  12. You can finish the look here, but if you want to adorn yourself in tattoos like the Dauntless do, draw them on with a black gel eyeliner, then set them with a powder foundation or tinted face powder to make them look more real and embedded in the skin.

This is possibly the easiest, most wearable costume for halloween this year. Put on a pair of black skinny jeans, black hi-top sneakers, a black singlet and a biker jacket, and you’re good to go.

Make sure you check back in next Wednesday for the next look in my 2014 easy-to-achieve Halloween series.

P.S. I apologise for the colour balance being off in some of the photos. Until my desktop arrives in the Netherlands, I am working on an old, decrepit laptop with serious screen issues. I can’t wait until our shipment arrives!

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