Corynne’s Makeup Time Capsule


I was scrolling through my Facebook feed last week, and this photo popped up, posted by my friend Corynne. Her Mum just sold their family home, and while sorting through the stuff she had stored there, she discovered her teenage makeup kit! What a goldmine! I asked her to tell us a bit about it, and here’s what she had to say:

My mum has just sold the family home I grew up in. For anyone who has done a big move, particularly after a lifetime in the one home you would know this means a lot of time spent cleaning & culling as well as times laughing & reminiscing over certain items you forgot you even had.

At the best of times I can be a bit of a hoarder,  and after a couple of moves from apartment to apartment have only slowly learned the life lesson  that many already know – your life shouldn’t be made up of ‘stuff’. But the sentimentalist in me says every item is a memory – a point in time that just by holding it, you can be transported back to. Needless to say I’ve been doing some real ‘time travel’ the past few weeks whilst helping mum clear out her place and one item that took me back more than any other was the discovery of my teenage makeup bag.


I unlocked the combo (yes, I had a lock combo on my make-up bag, don’t ask why) [Ed’s note: probably to protect your makeup from your ratbag little sister] to find a bevy of glittering goodies that have not been touched in over a decade, each one with their own story to tell.

I never realised what a cliche of a teenage girl  I was- the whole base of the box was covered in spilled glitter and each brightly coloured item had some sort of shimmering appearance. Some had ‘reduced’ stickers still attached as they were items I’d fished out of the bargain bin at Priceline… If there’s one good thing about getting older it’s actually having money to spend on things. I had even saved a body tattoo cut out from Dolly magazine for ‘a special occasion’.


Some of the items I found were given to me as gifts, like the fabulous pigment packed sticky Chi Chi lip pots that I cherished & wore on weekend dates. But most were bought with my earnings from my part-time job at the local Newsagent. My hard earned $40 a week went towards basic items like Blackmores cover stick or a Covergirl mascara.

But the discoveries that really took me back are some true 90s/naughties artifacts. Remember these?

  • Hair mascara! We brushed this colourful gunk through the strands of our hair giving us instant ‘rock chick’ cred (in our minds). In reality it would clump up your hair and harden it so you could almost snap it in two.  A similar, yet more permanent, effect could be achieved these days by painting your hair with nail polish.
  • Body glitter! What was the point in having exposed skin if it didn’t shimmer? Good for giving a friend a big hug and leaving them looking like a disco ball.
  • IMG_20140917_101840
    Red earth pots. These came in all the shades of the rainbow and made you feel like a United Colours of Benetton model , by miraculously turning your lips an unnatural shade of ‘alien’.

Despite the fun I had reopening it’s treasures, in the end my dear old make up bag just had to go. The old glosses & gel’s  just weren’t going to find a place back into my daily routine and were most likely home to some fun bacterium that had been partying in there for the over a decade.

So adieu teenage time capsule and thanks for helping me to remember that getting older ain’t such a bad thing after all.

I loved peeking inside Corynne’s teenage makeup bag, and I’m dubiously proud to admit, I owned a few of the same things (body glitter, hair mascara, and those Chi Chi lip pots!). If you rediscovered your teenage makeup bag, what would you find?


Corynne is awesome, and she’s also online! If you liked what she had to say, you should follow her on twitter @corynnen.

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