A Classic Sparkly Manicure

When I selected the current theme for the Makeup Utopia Challenge, I knew straight away I would be featuring this nail polish. It is without question my all-time favourite glitter polish.

Ruby Pumps 1

This is the perfect blood red. It’s a little deeper than it appears in these pictures.

Ruby Pumps 2

Ruby Pumps 3

The glitter in this polish has an incredible depth, and I often find myself staring¬†into‚Äč my nails, marveling at the complexity of this beautiful polish.

Are you wondering what this polish I love so much is? Here’s a hint.

Ruby Pumps 4

Ruby Pumps 5

That’s right, it’s a China Glaze polish.

Here’s another hint. This polish was originally released in a China Glaze collection in 2001. The collection was re-released in 2009, however this particular shade was so perfect that it is a part of the China Glaze permanent collection. Have you figured it out yet?

Ruby Pumps 6

That’s right, it’s “Ruby Pumps” and it really does look just like Dorothy’s beautiful ruby slippers.

Did you guess right? Or did you think it was something else. Let me know in the comments below!

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