CK One Powder Eyeshadow – Review, Photos, Swatches

CK eyeshadows 1

My first foray into ck one color cosmetics came to me a few weeks ago in the form of a delightful surprise parcel in the mail. I opened a mystery box, and found 12 shimmering, glimmering eyeshadows within. My thought process went something like this:

  1. Ooh, look at the pretty colours.
  2. SHINY!!!
  3. Interesting colour range from a cosmetics line that is more about easy wearability than editorial or fantasy looks.
  4. SPARKLES!!!
  5. How good can they really be?

I’m pleased to say that after having a good play with them, many of these shades are on par with some of the best eyeshadow formulas I have ever used.

They are primarily a metallic/pearl finish, and the few that are a matte base are jam-packed with glitter. So if you’re looking for basic matte eyeshadows, you won’t find them here.

CK eyeshadows 2

100 Exposed:

100 exposed

Exposed is a pearlescent baby pink with a slightly warm, almost coral undertone. The texture is ultra creamy, with great pigmentation.

Please excuse the overexposure on these pictures, I had to blow them out a little to create an accurate colour reference.

100 exposed hand swatch

200 Obsessed:

200 obsessed

Obsessed is a matte aubergine loaded with royal purple micro glitter. The formula feels ever so slightly dry, but offers great pigmentation without the need to build it up.

200 obsessed hand swatch 1

300 Muse:

300 muse

Muse is a rich and creamy textured eyeshadow in a striking russet red shade. It is very pigmented, and an unusual shade to find in a small eyeshadow collection.

300 muse hand swatch

400 Ironic:

400 ironic

Ironic is a matte navy blue shadow with loads of brighter blue microglitter. It was the driest and least pigmented of all the eyeshadows in this range, Mind you, it is still lovely, particularly for a matte based eyeshadow, but it did not quite live up to the comparisons of the other shades in this range.

400 ironic hand swatch

500 Jaded:

500 jaded

Jaded is a taupey antiqued green/gold shade. It’s one of the more metallic textures, and is makes a great “one eyeshadow” look. I can see this being a popular choice for corporate work environments.

500 jaded hand swatch 4

510 Liberated:

510 liberated 510 liberated close up

Liberated falls into the category of “eyeshadows I own WAAAAY too many dupes for.” Seriously, this sort of metallic teal eyeshadow is like makeup crack to me. This is a particularly nice version, however. It has an almost dirty undertone that makes it very easy to wear, while still providing a fun pop of colour.

510 liberated hand swatch 1

700 Infinite:

700 infinite

Infinite is a metallic shadow that pretty well matches my very pale skintone perfectly. It’s an off white/palest beige with a lovely creamy formula. It’s a perfect inner corner highlight, and in a pinch, could work as a facial illuminator as well.

700 infinite hand swatch 2

710 Ambitious:

710 ambitious

Ambitious is a lovely champagne peach shade with that beautiful metallic finish I keep raving about. It’s another shade that is going to work well for the corporate work environment, adding a polished sheen to the eyelids without being in-your-face or over the top.

 710 ambitious hand swatch 2

720 Evolved:

720 evolved

Evolved is a deep taupe in the metallic finish. I’ve enjoyed using this shade as part of a blown-out daytime appropriate smoky eye. Incidentally, everyone seems to have a different idea of what a smoky eye describes. Would anyone be interested in a tutorial on what I believe to be an actual smoky eye? Let me know in the comments.

 720 evolved hand swatch 5

730 Driven:

730 driven

Driven in a dark chocolate brown with a satiny finish, loaded with lashings of bronze micro shimmer. Like the other non metallic shades, this is a little dry, but still great quality for a matte based shadow.

 730 driven hand swatch 4

800 Empowered:

800 empowered

Empowered is a gunmetal grey in the pan, but on my skin it is a deeper charcoal grey with a generous helping of blue/grey micro shimmer. It’s also slightly dry, but very easy to work with.

 800 empowered hand swatch 4

810 Fearless:

810 fearless

Fearless is basically false advertising in the pan! It appears to be a shimmery deep bronze, but when applied to skin it, as if by magic, transforms into a straight up black matte with bronze micro glitter. Truly it’s one of the better black eyeshadows I have used, although not the blackest.

 810 fearless hand swatch


These eyeshadows were a pleasant surprise to me, as I have not heard much online hype about them at all. They lasted well, and when applied over a good eye primer, had no creasing whatsoever.

ck one color eyeshadows offer an interesting range of colours, whether you are looking for something conservative and office-appropriate, or something a little brighter and more whimsical for evening or weekend wear.

The packaging is cute, sturdy and functional, and the product itself is quite divine.

They are not cheap, coming in at $30AUD per pan, which places them on par with MAC eyeshadows, however they definitely perform in a manner worthy of that price point, and are as good as, if not better than many of MAC’s most popular shadows.

ck one color cosmetics are available in Australia at Myer, in the US at Ulta, and in the UK at Debenhams.

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