Cameron Jane Makeup Design – A School Tour

If you read this article on Monday, you may have realised that I have a passion for ensuring that aspiring makeup artists receive the best possible start to their career. I believe the way to do this is to attend a well-respected school that offers nationally recognised training under the Australian Qualifications Framework. It is a constant frustration to me that so many people I know end up attending sub-par schools, doing training that has no real-world value.

If you have a passion for Editorial/Fashion makeup, or makeup for Film, then I usually recommend looking at Cameron Jane Make-up Design.

Last week, Makeup Utopia contributor Larah and I had the opportunity to meet with School Director and Principal, Cameron Jane. We had a tour of the school as well as the newly launched pro makeup store, BOBS Studio.

Cameron and Larah striking a pose. Side note: Cameron is hilarious, and I really think she should start a blog. Her product reviews might be slightly x-rated, but I know I’d read them!

​When I first arrived at the Surry Hills campus, I wasn’t quite sure where to enter the building – the Cameron Jane signage is above what appears to be a fire escape. I was in the right place, however, so I pressed the intercom and was buzzed into the building. It’s worth mentioning that the school is on the 2nd floor, and it takes 4 flights of stairs to get there.

​CJMD Reception Desk

​When I walked into the school I was greeted by Hayley, the lovely course co-ordinator. I was a little early and Larah hadn’t arrived yet, so I took a seat in the well appointed reception area. The couches are surprisingly comfy!

CJMD 2 (1)
​CJMD Reception Area – note the big jar of lollies on the desk. YUM!

Ok, I may have been slightly obsessed with the lollies.

When Larah arrived, Cameron came and met us and after a quick chat we started the tour.


CJMD 4 (2)
Large Studio (image courtesy of CJMD).

Small Studio.

​Cameron Jane Make-up Design has 2 studios, positioned to take full advantage of the natural light. There are plenty of large makeup stations, and ample room for theory work in the middle of each studio.

Makeup Trolley full of MAC

MAC Blushes

​Masses upon masses of MAC Eyeshadows

Ooh look, MAC pigments too!

​During my tour I learned that Cameron Jane Make-up Design is sponsored by MAC – what this means is that there is an abundance of MAC makeup in the studio, student kits are packed with MAC (among other brands) and students automatically receive MAC Pro membership, entitling them to 30% off the cost of products at any MAC Pro store (if you’re in Sydney, there’s one in Paddington and and one in Bondi Junction).

Like many makeup schools, there’s a few old prosthetics lying around.

Old prosthetics.

Larah claims to be a vegetarian, but she seems to be REALLY enjoying eating those prosthetic toes….

​There’s a pinboard displaying some of the student work, and I found the calibre of the work displayed extremely impressive.



Some of the Cameron Jane Make-up Design trainers are truly world class. Not all of the trainers have a website dedicated to showcasing their work, but I have linked those that do below. If you’re considering attending a makeup school, I always recommend researching the trainers.

If you are considering studying makeup artistry, I recommend you read this article. If you still want to study makeup artistry, I recommend considering Cameron Jane Make-up Design. The combination of great facilities, world class trainers, and an extensive work experience program work together to deliver a qualification that I believe will genuinely equip graduates with the skills, experience and contacts to succeed as a Makeup Artist.

I didn’t attend Cameron Jane Make-up Design, but after meeting Cameron and touring the facilities, I want to go back to school just so I can learn from Cameron and her team.

For more information about Cameron-Jane Make-up Design, visit their website at

Stay tuned next week for a detailed look at BOBS Studio, the professional makeup store associated with Cameron Jane Make-up Design.

​DISCLAIMER: I have written this post as a thank-you to Cameron Jane Make-up Design for their support of Beauty Bloggers Utopia. All opinions are my own. Anyone who has  ever asked for my advice about makeup schools in the past can verify that I ALWAYS recommend Cameron Jane Make-up Design and will continue to do so.

Sara-May Monaghan

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Sara-May is the driving force behind Makeup Utopia. As a Makeup Artist, she constantly found herself being asked for product recommendations, and advice on makeup application. Through her desire to share her knowledge, Makeup Utopia was born!

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