BYS Leather for Nails

BYS Leather for Nails

Little known fact about me – although I’m known for letting my freak flag fly, you may (or may not) be surprised to know that in my teens and early twenties I was a card-carrying goth. I’m embarrassed to admit, I used sharpies to colour my nails in black, because great black nail polish was nearly impossible to come by!

Well imagine how excited my inner goth girl was when I opened up a surprise parcel from the lovely people at BYS Cosmetics, and found this BYS Leather for Nails inside.

BYS Leather for Nails swatch 1

The texture of this polish is along the same vein as OPI Liquid Sand and Face of Australia Carnivale collection – sandy, and almost like concrete. The colour is a deep, inky black and the swatches show 2 thin coats.

BYS Leather for Nails swatch 2

This polish is cheap as chips at $7.95AUD from Fashion Addict (international), and is also available at KMart and Gloss stores throughout Australia.

Do you let your freak flag fly?

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