A BYS Caviar for Nails Manicure

Caviar Manicure 3

I remember the makeup brand BYS when it was Be Yourself, and very clearly marketed at 12 year olds (I may have been about 12 at the time.) If I’m being perfectly honest, I haven’t looked at the brand since, until just last week, when I received 2 lovely parcels in the mail. One contained glitter polishes that I am yet to try, and the other contained 3 sets of Caviar for Nails.

My first reaction to Caviar for Nails by BYS was shock – what was a “kids brand” doing launching a product so cutting edge and current? Well, it turns out BYS is all grown up and ready to play!

Caviar Manicure 4

I found this manicure really easy to achieve – I started with a base coat, then applied a thin coat of the polish colour I wanted on each nail – and can I just take a sidebar to say that these polishes are surprisingly lovely! The black and the pink are so pigmented that they required only one coat for full coverage!

I then applied another coat to each nail, one at a time. While the polish was still wet, I dipped my nail into the included pot of “Caviar” beads and gently pressed them into my nail, to ensure they adhered properly. I dusted around the edges of my cuticles with the little brush that was included, and that’s it – that’s all I did.

The Caviar colours I used in this manicure were:

Black Caviar Black Caviar Closeup
Jane Bond – straight up black.
Blue Caviar Blue Caviar Closeup
Dancing Shoes – a mixture of deep navy, metallic turquoise, translucent turquoise and silvery powder blue.

Pink Caviar Pink Caviar Closeup
Hot Talent – A mixture of pinkish-purple, translucent fuschia, translucent hot pink and pearlescent baby pink.

Freckle 1
Freckle…. oh hang on, that’s just a chocolate freckle I was eating while I did my nails… oops!

Freckle 2

Caviar Nails in Packaging

I was also sent a swatch card with all 10 shades on it, and I thought you may be interested to see the available colour range (please note – colour names were not included in my press pack, so I will update this post when I am able to find out all the shade names):

1 Red Caviar
Rags to Riches^

2 Purple Rainbow Caviar
Walk of Fame^

3 Pink 1
Hot Talent^

4 Pink 2
Prom Queen^

5 Mardi Gras Colours
Strike a Pose^

6 Blue
Dancing Shoes^

7 Rainbow
That’s Show Biz^

8 Rainbow

9 Silver
Vintage Vixen^

10 Black
Jane Bond^

Available from: Fashion Addict (from 3rd April)

RRP: $7.95 per set.

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