Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches

Product Breakdown:

Before I show you the lipsticks, I wanted to show you the beautiful book that the lipsticks came presented in. I’m not sure if it will be available to the general public, or if it is just for press, but I was very impressed (and have an overwhelming desire to fill it up!

Bourjois Rouge Edition 1

Bourjois Rouge Edition 2

No. 03 Peche Cosy

From the “PREPPY” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “Fresh and full of light. Gorgeous peach with light cream tones provides a touch of softness to all makeup.”

03 Peche Cosy 1 03 Peche Cosy 3 03 Peche Cosy 4 03 Peche Cosy 5

Peche Cosy is a soft peach coloured lipstick. It’s a little too peach to be classed as a nude, however it could easily be worn in place of a nude lipstick with a statement eye. I found it a little sheerer than I would have liked, and it did have a tendency to settle into my lip lines.

No. 04 Rose Tweed

From the “PREPPY” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “Gives a very natural pouty look, with the elegance and refinement of rosewood. It’s a must have shade.”

04 Rose Tweed 1 04 Rose Tweed 3 04 Rose Tweed 4 04 Rose Tweed 5

Rose Tweed is a beautiful neutral pink, and the colour reminds me very much of my favourite blush, “Naked Rose” by Illamasqua. It applied quite sheerly, however was able to be built up without looking patchy. This would be a nice everyday colour for a conservative environment.

No. 07 Fuchsia Graffiti

From the “COLOR BLOCK” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “Rich and bright. The electric blue fuchsia is ultra-bright, sure to please the most demanding fashionista.

07 Fuchsia Graffiti 1 07 Fuchsia Graffiti 3 07 Fuchsia Graffiti 4 07 Fuchsia Graffiti 5

I was so excited by Fuchsia Graffiti in the tube! It was quite sheer on the first coat, but was able to be built up to achieve a more opaque coverage without any patchiness. It’s a beautiful hot pink with definite blue undertones. Great for a statement lip, and to make your teeth look lovely and white.

No. 10 Rouge Buzz

From the “COLOR BLOCK” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “A dazzling neon orangey red. Wear this and be loud and proud!”

10 Rouge Buzz 1 10 Rouge Buzz 3 10 Rouge Buzz 4 10 Rouge Buzz 5

In the tube Rouge Buzz looks like a rich tomato red. On the lips it is a shockingly bright deep neon orange (which is much more exciting to me! This was opaque from the first swipe, and is just a truly amazing colour. The only down side is that orange lipsticks can emphasise any yellowness in your teeth.

No. 12 Rose Neon

From the “COLOR BLOCK” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “A blue tinted pink with bubblegum snap that’s as way out as it’s easy to wear.”

12 Rose Neon 1 12 Rose Neon 3 12 Rose Neon 4 12 Rose Neon 5

Rose Neon is a very pretty bubblegum pink, that applied quite sheerly on the first coat. It built up faily easily, however did tend to look a little patchy if I wasn’t careful with my application.

No. 13 Rouge Jet Set

From the “NIGHT OUT” trend family. Described by Bourjois as “The must-have shade for lipstick lovers, for this is a true classic red with slight blue hints. Ultra glamorous!”

13 Rouge Jet Set 1 13 Rouge Jet Set 3 13 Rouge Jet Set 4 13 Rouge Jet Set 5

Rouge Jet Set looked in the tube like a lovely cherry red, and on my lips it did not disappoint. I think it actually translates onto my lips a little deeper than a true cherry red (not a hint of pink here) but it is one of the nices blue-based reds I have seen. It was opaque from the first swipe.


The pigmentation levels were mixed throughout this collection. I found that the darker shades tended to be more pigmented, while the paler shades were a little sheerer.

Ease of application:

The Rouge Edition lipstick bullets are quite firm without being at all dry. This made application straight from the tube a breeze. The lipstick glided onto my lips, while still allowing me to keep a crisp line around my lipline.


I get pretty standard wear out of these lipsticks, about 4-5 hours without needing a touch-up (less if I’m eating).


13 Rouge Jet Set 2

The Bourjous Rouge Edition Lipsticks are packaged quite elegantly in a glossy black tube that is quite reminiscent of the Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist lipsticks.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

These lipsticks feel incredibly nourishing and moisturising, making them very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. They do have a very faint “lipsticky” taste which I don’t love, and in the tube they smell quite strongly of violets, although this smell doesn’t seem to translate onto my lips.

What they say:

Bourjois new lipstick has been tested and approved by fashionistas and will take your lips to new heights of fashion.

  • The range features pure, bright colours
  • Ready-to-wear textures
  • Unbelievable smoothness
  • For soft, moisturized lips

Rouge Edition is available in 18 pure fashion shades for all women, all styles and all tastes, divided into 3 on trend families:

  • PREPPY – for style addicts!
  • COLOR BLOCK – for bright, eye-catching colors!
  • NIGHT OUT – shades for divine glamour!

Available from:

For specific stockist information, call 1800 181 040

I buy Bourjois from Priceline and Target stores nationwide.


$19.00 AUD
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