BOBS Studio – A Pro Makeup Store Tour

Last week we took you on a tour of Cameron Jane Make-up Design. This week we’re going to show you their in-house professional make-up store, BOBS Studio.

BOBS Studio 1

If you’re a working Makeup Artist or a student of Makeup Artistry you’ll find yourself constantly building your kit and looking for high performing makeup products. Cameron from Cameron Jane Make-up Design has tried to do the hard work for you by opening a professional makeup store and only selling only the brands that she has tried, tested and believes to be the “best of the best”. That’s how BOBS Studio was born.

BOBS Studio Exterior

By opening BOBS Studio, Cameron has made many professional makeup brands more easily accessible in Sydney, and when their web-store launches (which I am told will be very soon), it will make the brands ​evenmore​ accessible Australia-wide.

Some of the brands stocked by BOBS Studio are:

Lord & Berry

Lord and Berry 1
Lord and Berry 4
Lord and Berry 6

BOBS Studio is the sole authorised distributor of cult favourite makeup brand Lord & Berry in Australia. They’re known in the industry for their amazing lip and eye products, and they have now branched out into a full makeup range. I’m currently trialling 3 iconic Lord & Berry eye products, and so far, I’m loving them. Stay tuned for full reviews in the next few weeks.

​Martin Bray

Martin Bray 1
Martin Bray 2
Martin Bray 3
Martin Bray is a highly respected Australian Makeup Artist, and one of the resident trainers at both the Sydney and Melbourne campus of Cameron Jane Make-up Design. Last year he launched his own line of cosmetics, and of course, BOBS Studio is stocking them. I had the opportunity to play with some of his “Colour Blocks” (cream palettes, as above) at an industry trade-show last year, and was completely taken with them.

​MVC Cosmetics:

Another Cameron Jane resident trainer with their own makeup line is Miriam Van Cooten. Miriam is known for being an incredible bridal makeup artist, and her line is designed to perform well for weddings. One of the products she offers is customisable eyeshadow palettes. I fell for the shimmery teal-blue shade in the pan, and look at the intensity I got when I just touched my finger to it – amazing!

​Il Makiage

Il Makiage 1
Il Makiage
Another professional grade makeup brand that has beautiful velvety texture and intense colour payoff. I’ve been told a few times, from a few different sources that Il Makiage is the “parent” of M.A.C – apparently when M.A.C first launched, the founders purchased the eyeshadow formula from Il Makiage. Interesting trivia, no?


One of the most well-known professional brands in the world, Kryolan is amazing to use, and their products have virtually become an industry standard.

​Joe Blasco:

Joe Blasco
Although not widely known in Australia, you would be hard-pressed to find a Hollywood Makeup Artist without some Joe Blasco in their kit. I’ve been trialling a Joe Blasco Lip Palette, and my thoughts so far are very positive. Stay tuned for a review in the next few weeks.

Some of the other brands stocked by BOBS Studio are:

  • Blinc Cosmetics (iconic product – tubular mascara)
  • Chic Australia (iconic product – baked shimmer powders)
  • Japonesque (known for their amazing tools)
  • Designer Makeup Tools (high quality, low cost makeup brushes)
  • Katkit Road (famous for their practical set-bags)
  • Kevin.Murphy (high-end haircare and inventor of the now famous colour bug)
  • Naked Tan (famous for a natural looking fake tan)
  • Shizen (exceptional lip-care products)
  • Ultimate Brush Roll (AMAZING brush rolls, used all over the world)

Have you been to BOBS Studio? Have you heard of any of the brands they stock?

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