Blync Lashes

Product Breakdown:

The Venus Von Teese lashes by Blync Lashes are natural hair, strip lashes to provide an understated, natural look.

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Ease of application:

These lashes were comfortable to wear, and relatively easy to apply, as the band was thin and flexible. If you are not experienced with false lash application, you may need to practice before you get the hang of these babies.


Anything else worth mentioning?:

I love lashes, but I hate wearing them because my experience has been that they are spiky and irritating to my eyes, no matter what brand I was wearing, or who applied them. I also find it hard to get past feeling like Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.

HOWEVER — I found these lashes to be a very different experience. I wore them for 2 consecutive days,and on the first day I experienced barely any of the previously mentioned lash line poking. On the second day, they went on like they were designed for me – I completely forgot I was wearing them! I’m tempted to start wearing them every day.

For funsies, here’s a pic of Karl and Countess Grotesque at the BLYNC stall at IMATS- just an idea of what you can do with lashes if you use your imagination!

Kare and the Countess

What they say:

“Don’t Get Caught Lashless”

About Venus Von Teese

Gorgeous natural lashes.These pretty lashes will give the “Bride to Be” a beautiful natural enhancement to her own Lashes.

My verdict:

The lashes I tried were fantastic, they looked great and felt like nothing.  On top of that, Blync stock some truly beautiful lashes- check out my IMATS lash haul*!

Blync lashes haul

*The lashes I trialed were a gift as part of the generous Beauty Blogger Utopia sponsorship.  This haul, was paid for with my own hard earned cash!  Big Shout out to Raelene for helping me pick out some stunners!

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Prices start at $8.95
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