The Bathory – unwinding after an international relocation

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The past couple of weeks/months have been pretty stressful. I guess that’s always the case when you sell pretty much everything you own and move to the other side of the planet.

A few weeks before we left Australia I was contacted by a company called The Bathory, who offered to let me custom design some bath salts. I was thrilled when I realised that The Bathory ships internationally, and I’d be able to have my bath salts shipped to my new home in the Netherlands.

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I absolutely adore the packaging and branding from The Bathory. It’s very sleek and minimal, and reminiscent of an apothecary. The bath salts come in a heavy black glass jar that is both luxurious, and protects the integrity of the volatile essential oils.

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The process of designing the perfect bath begins with the choice of salts. Given that I suffer from dry, highly sensitised skin, I chose the soothing option with oatmeal, honey and buttermilk in the hopes that it would not dry me out.

The next step is to select 3 essential oils from the 10 on offer. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with essential oils and their benefits, there’s a filter to help you choose oils that will be conducive to how you want to feel. I chose Chamomile (the calming one), Lavender (the relaxing one) and Sandalwood (the exotic one).

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The instructions for the amount of product to use in your bath were… interesting. They recommend to use the entire bottle for “the best bath of your life”, half the bottle to experience the full benefit of the salts and oils, and a quarter of the bottle for a quick fix. I couldn’t bring myself to use the entire bottle in one bath, so I (somewhat dubiously) tipped half the jar in.

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The smell was amazing. It filled not only the bathroom, but the whole house, without being overpowering. There was a little bit of texture in the bath from the oatmeal, but it didn’t feel gritty or uncomfortable. When I finished my bath, my skin did not feel tight or itchy, and I definitely felt more relaxed than when I got in.

I’ve since used these bath salts again, but used only 2 or 3 tablespoons of bath salts and still felt incredibly relaxed (although nowhere near as decadent) after jumping out of the bath.

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At $30 a jar (and potentially $30 per bath), The Bathory bath salts are one of the more luxurious bath products I have used, but also one of the nicest. Would I purchase them regularly? No, but they would make an amazing gift, or a wonderful indulgence when you’re looking to “treat yo’self”.

Available from: The Bathory
Price: $30 for 200g plus $5 shipping

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  • This sounds DIVINE. The oatmeal base sounds great, there’s not a lot of bath products out there that are suitable for sensitised dry skin. My work schedule is so intense lately and I’ve been hitting peak stress – not international move stressful, but still up there – and I’d take anything that could offer me a good half hour of zen, even at $30 a jar.
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