Australis Nail Glitter Colour in Milky Way – Review, Photos, Swatches

Milky Way pinterest

I first saw this nail polish in a haul post on Max the Unicorn. Honestly I was shocked to see this type of milky-based glitter polish from a drugstore brand, let alone one of our Aussie drugstore brands, and I immediately made it my mission to track it down. They were all out of stock at my local KMart, and both of my local Priceline stores, but I ended up finding it at Priceline North Sydney one day, and for $7.95, I snapped it up.

Milky Way Bottle Shot

Milky Way Nail Glitter Colour by Australis is a collection of large and small hex glitter in a veritable rainbow of colours, suspended in a milky white/grey/blue base.

Mily Way 2

It took 3 coats to reach a level of opacity I was happy with. The base polish has the perfect amount of pigment – there’s cheeky little peek-a-boos of glitter embedded in the polish, lending it a complexity that belies it’s bargain basement price.

Milky Way 3

Ugh, excuse the cuticles, a nail blogger I am not!

Milky Way 1

This manicure lasted really well on me. It was still going strong after 4 days, by which time I got bored and removed it. As far as glitter polishes go, it was reasonably painless to remove, and it came of easily using a gentle, non-acetone nail polish remover.

Milky Way Macro

Are you a fan of this type of layered glitter? Did you expect to see something like this from Australis?

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