The “All Eyes on You” Eyesential Kit by Crown Brushes

Product Breakdown:

The “All Eyes on You” brush set is a 5 piece set designed to provide all the necessary tools for the application of most eye makeup looks. They are double-ended in an effort to be more space-efficient.

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Angle Liner/Spoolie

The Angle Liner brush here can be used to style eyebrows, as well as for lining the eyes. It does a perfectly good job of both, but the angle liner does not create the most precise line on the eyelid (it is improved with regular washing, though).

This Spoolie is fantastic as an eyebrow brush. It can, of course, be used as a mascara brush, but my personal preference for this is as an eyebrow tool.


Firm Shadow/Pointed Eyeliner

This firm shadow brush is really excellent for picking up and depositing just the perfect amount of product on the eyelids. I love that it skews towards picking up less, rather than more, so that I can build coverage as I see fit.

I haven’t had a chance to use the pointed eyeliner brush yet, but my guess is that I’m actually going to earmark this for lip brush purposes – it’s tiny and the bristles just seem perfectly textured for it.


Chisel Shader/Pointed Smudger

I tend not to do the more dramatic looks that require a Chisel Shader brush (more of a “brush bore” than a self-confessed “brush whore” like Lizzi), so I haven’t really had a chance to road test this brush yet.

As for the Pointed Smudger, I love the texture of the bristles – very soft to the touch and very pliable to work with.


Blending Fluff/Round Crease

ador​e this Blending Fluff brush – it picks up the perfect amount of product for me and blends beautifully. Can’t speak highly enough of it.

The Round Crease is another story, though. It shed as I was using it, even though I washed it and let it dry before use.


Oval Shadow/Pointed Crease

This Oval Shadow brush picks up more product that I’m comfortable with for my personal usage, but I think it would be good for use on a statement eye; such as a smoky eye which requires a lot of product to be deposited.

As for the Pointed Crease brush, I find it does create a very exact line on the crease of the eye – be sure to apply with a steady hand when using this because mistakes definitely will show (I definitely need more practice!).


The pack of brushes comes in a plastic, clear box with information about what each of the brushes are for printed on it.

The pack also includes a silver mesh storage bag:

As well as, of course, the brushes themselves:
Editors note: this picture is tripping me out, but there’s no simple way to turn it the right way around!

Anything else worth mentioning?:

It’s worth mentioning that if you store your brushes in a jar/cup setup, then these double-ended brushes may not be the best for you, because whatever end is stored face down will lose its shape.

However, if you intend to store your brushes in the carry case that is included so that neither end of the brush is compromised, then these are great!

What they say:

With over 25 years of brush making tradition, Crown Brush has become the leading industry resource for cosmetic and skincare brushes. Utilizing master craftsmanship, Crown Brush Australia is a leader in recognizing and manufacturing top quality brushes  from the finest materials available.



Crown is dedicated to the environment by constantly implementing new and more efficient manufacturing procedures that are environmentally responsible. Crown only partners with suppliers whose handles come from managed reforestation cooperatives.

My verdict:

This is a great eye kit for someone like me who is a beginner with eye makeup. At $29.95 AUD for 10 different brushes, this is a fantastic starter kit (a good Christmas gift for any makeup fiends).

I love that Crown Brushes use ethically sourced materials (Cruelty free and environmentally sustainable – be still my heart!) while also maintaining a commitment to good quality craftsmanship.

Finally, the inclusion of a carry case for the brushes that is also large enough to accommodate other eye products such as primer and a variety of shadows was the perfect touch.

Available from:

Can be purchased online at the Crown Brush Website.


$29.95 AUD
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