Adderton Lipstick in Russian

Product Breakdown:

I’m constantly on the search for the perfect red lipstick, preferring blue based reds over orange, I was concerned when I read the colour of this lipstick as ‘Russian’ would err on the orange side.  Not at all its beautiful.

It is lovely to apply, creamy and consistent, tipped to last the day.


The pigmentation is superb.

Adderton swatch_0

Ease of application:

Application of this lipstick is up there with the easiest of them.  Its not matte, but its not gloss, more of a satin once on the lips. This to me means its flattering, less messy and not dry.

Adderton lip swatch


My general rule of thumb with lipstick is ‘I love a lippie that can outlast a latte’ that is if it doesn’t all come off on my glass then I’m happy – I hate lipstick marks.

This lipstick out lasted several lattes and lunch so I had to give it the ultimate test- chips- we all know greasy food is the killer of even the best long wear formulas, nope, stayed there.

I reapplied out of habit more than necessity after lunch, and by dinner it was faded but prominent. Most important from my point of view is that although it is a long wearing formula, it doesn’t not leave the taste of one.


The outer packaging of this lipstick is a classic, matte black box with simple white font.

The lipstick itself is in a square tube, again, matte black.

Anything else worth mentioning?:

IT SMELLS LIKE COOKIES….or something, lovely, not lip stick-y at all, and like I said it wears so well.

The day I wore this colour (I teamed it with some false lashes too), I was just doing my usual errands, by way of explanation for my ‘over dressed-ness’ I put on Facebook what I was doing, included a photo, WELL, the public comments were lovely, but the private ones lovelier. Also, great day to run into an ex at the supermarket?  Proving that not only is this a lovely lipstick to wear, its loved by all and brings good luck 😉

What they say:

A treat for the lips!  Gorgeous to apply, vibrant coloured lipsticks are:

  • Vitamin E Enriched
  • Long Lasting Day Wear
  • Soothing an Healing.

Available in high gloss, cream, pearl. frosted and sheer.

Guarenteed to stay on for 6-8 hour coverage.

My verdict:

I love the formula and the colour is stunning, I think I’ll be wearing this a whole lot more.


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