A Wicked Fairy – A Halloween Makeover

For this week’s Halloween-insired makeup look, I acquiesced to the request from my 4 year old daughter, and turned myself into a fairy.

Wicked Fairy 1

Somehow, my dark and twisted aesthetic made its way into this makeup look, and I ended up with something of a dark fairy – Miss 4 was still very happy.

Wicked Fairy 2

Funny story – by the time I finished this makeup, it was 2:30pm, and we had nothing in the house for lunch, and everyone was STARVING, so I popped out to my local supermarket wearing this makeup. Even funnier, I live in a relatively bohemian area, so people bearely even batted an eyelid!

Wicked Fairy 3

If I was to recreate this makeup again, I would block my eyebrows out properly, as it is the one aspect of the completed look I am not happy with.

Wicked Fairy 5

It’s amazing how much the colour of your hair can change a whole look. I swapped out my black wig for my blonde wig, and suddenly this fairy doesn’t look nearly so wicked!

Wicked Fairy 6

Which look do you prefer? Dark and evil or blonde and good?

Wicked Fairy 7

Products Used:



  • Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Velocity
  • Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Mochi
  • Off-branded Scrapbooking Pearls



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