5 Fingers, 5 Nail Trends

I’m usually pretty boring with my nail polish – I pick a colour and slap it on – but nail art has had a bit of a resurgence in recent months and I’ve sat by and watched others have all the fun for quite long enough. So I thought why not make up for it by having a crack at 5 different nail trends all in one go, which looked a little something like this…

five nail trends teaser

1. Bright Yellow Polish

Ok, so this isn’t exactly nail art but it is definitely a trend that doesn’t seem to be going away. We’ve seen Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Solange Knowles (baby sister to Beyonce) all rocking the look and it’s one I absolutely love. I was a little bit tentative when I bought my first bottle of bright yellow polish but seriously once the colour was gracing my nails it just made me happy; like tiny little rays of sunshine on each of my fingertips.


Lady Gaga rocking yellow nail polish at the Grammys

I used Cheeky Chops by Butter London on my singular nail.

2. The Half Moon

half moon

I’m a big fan of this look, it is surprisingly easy to do and the colour combination options are endless. I started by painting two layers of Nicole by OPI’s Follow Me On Glitter on top of my base coat. Once that was totally dry I used a removable circular sticker label (like these ones from Officeworks) to create a semi circle over my nail and then painted two coats of Butter London’s Artful Dodger over the top. Once the nail was completely dry I pulled of the sticker to reveal the silver undercoat below and finished it off with a layer of top coat.

3. Lace Nails

Lace Nails

Ok, so the lace nails trend is a little bit old, but I wanted to give it a go. Blake Lively absolutely nailed (Editors note: I see what you did there!) this look at an event back in 2009 but my attempt wasn’t so successful, I think largely due to the lace I used but it was an interesting attempt none the less. On a side note, I make no apologies for the shameless pun.

blake lively

I started with a base of Fuschia Flirt from Face of Australia and while that was drying I cut out a nail-sized section of lace. I then applied a layer of top coat and immediately placed the lace into the wet top coat. I let the whole thing dry and trimmed off any excess lace and finished by applying another layer of top coat.

4. Colourful French Manicure

This is basically a twist on the traditional French Manicure but instead of painting the tips white you get to pick a colour, any colour. I liked the look of this so much I actually ended up doing the rest of my nails in this way. I used Napoleon Perdis Chandelier Shine in Casablanca as the base and picked a different (bright) colour for the tip, which I painted horizontally across the nail tip to create a line.

Colourful French Manicure

5. Glitter

Who doesn’t love a good glitter polish? The great thing about glitter nail polish is that you can get a decent one for really cheap.

Glitter nail polish

I painted my thumb with Stardust from the new Dito Collection by Karpati. The glitter in the Stardust polish is quite small and dense but you need at least 3 coats to get a really good sparkle going.

Karpati Dito Nail Polish in Stardust

I love the idea behind these nail polishes, they are shaped so that they can rest across two of your fingers while you are painting your nails, it works really well except you have to be careful not to tip the whole bottle upside down when you go to paint your thumb nail.

What are your favourite nail trends at the moment? What trends have you tried?

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